The more unstructured data that your company generates, manipulates and stores, the more difficult it can be to manage the flood of information and put it to effective use. Your organization will likely have already run into some bottlenecks when it comes to processing enterprise content, and the onslaught of data will continue unabated.

What’s more, your present system may not be sufficient for obtaining insights about clients, customers and other entities from the valuable data that you’ve been accumulating. What you need is a robust and highly scalable enterprise content management system, and the team at WEBO is standing by to assist you in this task.

With the proliferation of highly affordable storage media, networking infrastructures and collaboration tools, organizations are creating and working with more data than ever before. At the same time, industry guidelines, internal protocols and governmental regulations are requiring entities to store more data for longer periods while also adhering to the strictest safety protocols.

With the help of our expert guidance, you will be able to discover useful information much more quickly and efficiently, better determine its value to your enterprise and then take action on this data for the maximum return on investment.

Webo’s Enterprise Content Management Offerings :

 When the bulk of the data your organization has captured is unstructured, you need fast and robust search capability to help you get at the hidden business insights.

 Capture information as it’s generated, using automated document imaging systems. Implement flexible and comprehensive storage protocols to address your organization’s particular content requirements.

 We will assist you with managing content analytics. As you work with the data, you’ll obtain novel insights into your business. We are experts at assisting customers in accessing unstructured content for fast interpretation and analysis.

 Make your data more useful by developing and implementing robust rules to govern how your team collaborates when working with content, processing information, running analytics and adhering to your business rules.

 Webo’s creative team will help your organization truly socialize your content. This lets your employees collaborate more effectively, sharing and managing data in proper context, from intake forms, contracts and other internally generated documentation.

 Develop and implement standards to govern information over its lifetime, from the point of gathering or generating data to the mandated period for storing it according to government regulations. OpenXcell will ensure that you dispose of documents in a timely fashion, safely and securely.