Prudent business owners know the importance of having a robust e-commerce system in place. This is true if you run an online-only business as well as if you are expanding into online sales to bolster your brick and mortar establishment’s sales.

Whether you have worked with an offshore company in the past or are venturing into outsourcing in India for the first time, you should know that many companies have prospered thanks to partnering with the friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable e-commerce experts at WEBO.

There’s no time to lose in today’s increasingly competitive economy. Our team will get you ready to market more quickly and for a lower cost than you could achieve domestically. Such capability is especially useful when domestic e-commerce and backend development firms are in short supply or charge prices that your budget cannot handle.

Backend Capabilities

Your customers and casual browsers alike will not have the patient to stay at your store very long if it doesn’t provide dynamic content quickly. You can better engage with your customers when the backend is working to its full potential.

Storefront Setup and Configurations

You want your business to stand out from the competition. Our talented developers and programmers will quickly set up your storefront and then we will configure it to your exact specifications, getting the job done right the first time, on time.

Product Catalog and Merchandizing

Do you need a brand new product catalog? We’ll set one up for you according to your particular requirement. Our team can also remake your existing catalog to make it more user-friendly. We will also help you with merchandizing your items to improve your organization’s bottom line.

Marketing and Content Management

Once you’ve set up your online store or have had us remake and improve your existing e-commerce space, it’s important to get the word out about the goods and services your organization is offering. WEBO’s team of highly motivated and creative marketing experts will develop an outstanding outreach effort to spread the news about your store. We will also help you with content management, such as informative articles that will interest your shoppers as well as bring more traffic to your site. If you need a timely blog or want to create a user forum to further engage your customers, we are standing by to help.

Order and Inventory Management

Seamless order taking is of paramount importance in your online business. We will make it as easy as pie for your customers to find what they want, discover new items and place their orders with a minimum of fuss. As the orders fly off your shelves, you need a sophisticated inventory management system in place. Our software engineers have vast experience in this space and will ensure that inventory will not be an issue for you and your customers.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management or CRM is necessary to get the most out of each interaction you have with the people buying your goods and services. We will set up a customized CRM solution for your organization. You can discover patterns in buying patterns, which can lead you to expand or otherwise adjust your offerings, for example, or learn which areas (such as by neighborhood or ZIP code) are the most suitable for expanding your outreach and marketing efforts.